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Building a website from scratch needs ample time and patience. Previously, website owners had to learn coding skills to create good web pages. But today, anyone can build a website using readily available website building tools. Zyro is an all in one website builder and a lightweight tool comprising 100+ free themes, drag and drop builder, and artificial intelligence tools to help create blog titles, slogans, logos, etc. Zyro is useful for individuals, freelancers, and a great tool for online businesses. Let us see the in and out of the website builder in this Zyro review.

What is Zyro?

Zyro is the best website builder platform helpful to design and launch various websites from scratch. It comprises hundreds of ultimate templates and an easy-to-use drag and drop editor. Numerous products included in the tool make website building an effortless experience. 

Features are added constantly in the builder from the time it was launched in 2019. Zyro is a simple but effective website builder providing beautifully designed templates to create websites for any business type. 

How to create a Zyro website?

Building a Zyro website is a simple affair and requires a few steps. 

1.Website Plan

Before you create your website, the first thing is to watch for its purpose, niche, and target audience. You can get several keyword ideas using Ahrefs, Google Search, and KW Finder. This way, you can analyze your content and narrow it down to ideas that generate organic traffic.


2.Create Account

Next, you need to create a Zyro account. To sign in, you can either enter your email id and password or use your existing Facebook or Gmail profile credentials. You will then land on your website building wizard.

zyro-sign-in zyro-create-account

3.Select Template

On the next screen, you will see options to create your website. You can either choose from the 110+ Zyro templates to use on your website. You can pick one relatable template to your niche and the target audience before you choose one. The templates can be customized anytime for text, images, and features later. 


You can choose to use the AI website generator that will help generate websites instantly with the drag and drop editor feature. You always have the freedom to import the content and design of your existing website and make any desired changes in the Zyro editor.

4.Format Layout

Once you pick your template, click on Start Building to start working on your website. You will get a grid editor opened that lets you drag and drop tools to edit your site as per your needs. 


5.Align User Experience

Zyro lets you adjust your website compatibility to suit different screens. As most of the population uses mobile devices, you can modify your site elements accordingly. Once you complete adding all the required sections, you can see the website preview using the Preview button on top.


Finally, you can make your website go live with the help of the pink Publish website button on top of your page. 

6.SEO Optimization

Once you add the main elements like keywords, images, and videos to your site, SEO optimization will be simple. The meta descriptions will be hard-coded by default to get an optimized site to draw maximum traffic. 

For further improvements to your website, you can also link your website to Google Search Console that will help you identify other potential keywords and improve your web pages by Google recommendations. 

7.Track Performance

Once your website goes live, it is crucial to analyze and monitor its performance. You can use the AI Heatmap to discover hotspots on your web pages where visitors visit pages the most. You can even add the Contact Us widget for users to leave their feedback.

Zyro Key Features

Zyro is one of the most simple website builder tools offering several features. It is endorsed to give it a try and see if it works for you. It also comes with a hassle-free money-back guarantee. 

  • Website Builder

Zyro website building is easy to use because of its drag and drop feature. You can find designer-made templates that can be customized and are suitable for your business. There is no need to have pre-knowledge of coding and any web experience. You can also look forward to the grid feature that lets you edit, add, and remove any elements. You also get to generate brilliant blogs and divert traffic with remarkable blogging tools.

  • Ecommerce Utility

You can easily manage inventory, orders, tracking, reporting, etc., from a single dashboard and even sell products on various channels. With the help of the available templates, you can choose any with an online store page and add it to your Zyro website. 

Zyro also supports dropshipping, where you get to pick from several secure and speedy shipping services anywhere in the world. SEO optimization, email marketing, and social media ad campaigns are some tools that assist in digital growth. It is also feasible to boost sales and keep your customers happy by declaring discounts and coupons through automated emails. 

  • Domains and Hosting

There is free hosting included in every Zyro plan. The eCommerce plus plan comes with one year of free domain registration. You get a free domain for your website and need not worry about extra hosting costs. If you have an active, existing domain, then it is easy to connect it to your Zyro website. 

As the Zyro website is hosted on cloud servers, your visitors get a fast and reliable experience. The storage bandwidth scales automatically according to your website growth. Zyro websites are 99.9% operational because of their reliable cloud hosting.   

  • Search Optimization

You can power up your site loading speed, mobile optimization, automatic meta tags, SSL security encryption, and cloud hosting. Optimize your website on-page SEO by editing the meta descriptions, page titles, and adding alt text to all images. 

The ideal Ai writer helps generate SEO-friendly content in a few seconds avoiding manual, erroneous content. The Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics assist in getting your website performance-rich data.

  • Powerful Integrations

Google Analytics helps to understand the website traffic source and ways to make a smooth visitor experience. With various tools like Hotjar, Kliken, and Google Tag Manager, you can visualize visitor behavior on your website. 

Target the right audience by getting insights from tools like Google Ad Tags, Pinterest Tag, Facebook Pixel, and Snapchat Pixel. To maximize audience engagement, connect with your visitors by integrating with Facebook Live Chat while you capture their details too. 

  • Mobile Responsive

Zyro gives an outright experience with auto mobile-responsive pages to look best on any device. You get to edit your page layouts separately for desktop and mobile and have a preview look before they are published.

There is also an easy way to manage your online store from anywhere with your Android and iOS mobile app with easy access to orders even when offline. With the Zyro website loading speed, websites can be launched quickly, thus boosting your search engine rankings.

  • AI Business Tools 

Zyro all in one website builder comes with an impressive set of AI tools to enhance websites and brands. The AI Writer is another tool worth mentioning, that generates instant text and helps you create creative, unique, and search-optimized content in less time.

AI Business Name Generator and AI Slogan Generator have similar concepts of creating hundreds of names and a catchy phrase relatable to your preferred keywords. The AI Blog Title Generator is useful for creating inspirational blog titles. 

The AI-powered Heatmap indicates visitor behavior and yields suggestions to optimize content. Repositioning content elements lets you improve user experience and maximize conversions.

  • Service and Security

Zyro ensures your website’s security and visitor data safety with HTTPS encryption and a robust ranking system by search engines. All online transactions are protected by top-rated transaction protection security. 

Zyro gives access to an extensive knowledge base and 24/7 support for any type of glitch or problem with your website. 

Zyro Pricing

Zyro comes with four pricing plans to cater to its users. All payment options come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and SSL secured payment for various payment options.


Basic: ($2.90/month)

Suitable for personal brands comes with 3 GB bandwidth, 1 GB storage, own domain, SSL security, blogging tools, free web hosting, and more.


It suits businesses with unlimited storage and bandwidth. This plan includes everything in the Basic plan, free email for three months, Messenger Live Chat, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and many more features. 

eCommerce Basic:($8.90/month)

The plan is for users planning to start selling online. Includes all features in the Unleashed plan, plus comes with listing up to 10 products, Visitor remarketing, Stripe payment integration, Whatsapp Live Chat, Embed code, and more.

Ecommerce Plus:($9.90/month)

This plan is best to grow your business from a small scale to a much larger one. It includes all features from the Ecommerce Basic plan, along with order and inventory management, discount coupons and gift cards, multiple payment options, etc. 

Zyro Pros and Cons

Zyro builder is a relatively new and highly potential platform. Like any other tool, even Zyro has its ups and downsides.

Zyro Pros

  • User-friendly web builder- Zyro all in one website builder is easy to use with the drag and drop editor to configure websites quickly. The grid editor and elements section assists in align, add images, text, videos, and many extra elements as required. The changes are auto-saved and can be made compatible to use with any device.
  • AI Tools- Zyro provides some remarkable AI tools like the writer, name generator, logo maker, blog title generator, name  -generator, and Heatmap that are extremely handy, and you get them to use for free.
  • Ecommerce Support- Zyro supports online stores with inventory and order management. The process is automated with hundreds of templates to make your storefront look appealing and attract visitors to maximize sales.
  • Value for Money – Zyro pricing for various plans is quite worthy and great value for money. The basic plan starts at $2.90/month, including several features, and is cheaper than most of the competitors.

Zyro Cons

  • Domain Configuration – The technical website domain configuration is unnecessary and over-complicated and is the hardest part of the Zyro website building process.
  • Limited Customization – While Zyro is a great tool for creating websites, there are only basic aspects covered for it. Most of the competitors provide animation, CSS, and HTML editors, numerous app marketplace, it is not available in Zyro.
  • Unsatisfactory Terms and Conditions – Some of Zyro’s claims are hard to accept as they assert the right to deny services to its users means they can transfer or revoke domains without prior notice irrespective of user registration. There are limited resources for usage, storage, and bandwidth that come with strict outlined limits, overuse of which can lead to suspension of the website.
  • Restricted Knowledge base – The Zyro knowledge base seems insufficient with a few hundred articles published. For beginners, some more detailed information should be made available.
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Zyro website builder – Final Verdict

Zyro is an efficient and affordable eCommerce solution. It covers all the features required to build a well-performing, solid website that can be helpful for both beginners and professional web designers. 

The effective drag and drop editor, AI tools make perfect space for quickly creating web pages. Though the templates and integrations part are not at par with competitor offerings, the platform can be made more efficient towards making it more business and bogging friendly. All plans are much cheaper and, we can see a lot of potential for budding designers. However, you should try this tool for yourself to see if it meets your requirements or not. 

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