Best WordPress Themes – ElegantThemes Review 2021

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Introduction to Best WordPress Page Builder || ElegantThemes Review
When discussing some of the most popular WordPress-based web designing tools that let you unleash your creativity, ElegantThemes come to mind. The software is one of the highest-rated powerful web design editors available in the market. With over 17,000 5-star reviews on Trustpilot, it is pretty telling of the quality of the best WordPress page builder. ElegantThemes is used by over 800k web designers across the globe. And here in this review, we will discuss why they prefer it.

Why do web designers prefer to use ElegantThemes Divi? || ElegantThemes Review
ElegantThemes is one of the best WordPress page builders. It has been providing help to interface designers with its impeccable themes and plugins for over 12 years. ElegantThemes’ flagship product “Divi” is its finest addition. Divi is a total re-imagination of the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface. It encompasses the best WordPress page builder features.
One of the biggest benefits of using ElegantThemes is that you can operate unlimited websites with a single license. You can use the same license for an unlimited number of websites. The “unlimited usage” feature simplifies the prevalence of complex price plans for a license per website, something other WordPress page builders do. The powerful web design editor also has an open-source code platform that is just ripe for web architects to exploit for endless creative capabilities.
Here are four core competencies of ElegantThemes:

  1. Divi
  2. Extra
  3. Bloom
  4. Monarch

(And further down the line in this review we will discuss the function of each of these competencies.)
ElegantThemes uses a “quality over quantity” approach when it comes to WordPress themes. Instead of providing hundreds of themes, they offer only 82 themes. Along with this, you get access to tons of layouts (or website packs) which you can use to design any type of website. These are highly customizable and format-wise extremely SEO-friendly.
Since we are discussing SEO, ElegantThemes offers an in-built search engine optimization toolset. This toolset is compatible with other SEO plugins like Yoast, All in One Pack, etc. So you will not face any troubles while migrating a couple of extra SEO plugins for search optimization purposes.

The Core Competencies of ElegantThemes || ElegantThemes Review
ElegantThemes boasts its quality on its 4 powerful features, as we have mentioned above. Let’s do deep dive into these for a better understanding of its usage:

  • ElegantThemes Divi Builder: The best WordPress Builder
    You can live edit the software from the front end of your website through a WYSIWYG interface this theme. ElegantThemes Divi builder lets you change everything from call-to-action buttons to texts and customize the website whichever way you desire it to be. You just have to click on the component to start tweaking it. It is really that simple!
    The Divi builder provides full compatibility with WooCommerce. It provides specialized WooCommerce integrations to customize your online storefront easily. If you are looking to set up an e-commerce platform, this is the perfect plugin for you. You can exhibit your products online.
    Another added benefit of using Divi builder is that it just works! Even if you are using a third-party layout, you can simply use the Divi plugin to edit and customize.
    Divi builder is very flexible in its design, it can be used by freelancers, bloggers, e-commerce operators, agencies, etc.
    Divi builder is hands down the best WordPress theme currently available in the market. The plugin has a drag and drop feature which allows web designers to start creating websites with zero coding skills. Divi builder has a lot of in-built content modules. You can combine it in any way you want to, just drag and drop at the location you want on your website. The possibilities for layout customization become endless with ElegantThemes Divi at your helm.

Divi WordPress Theme

  • Extra: Preeminent Magazine Theme
    The second ace in ElegantThemes’ hat is a theme called “Extra.” The Extra theme is designed for users who work on online magazines and online stores. This theme is equipped with seven different post formats, containing – gallery, video, quotes, link, audio, text, and map. Extra helps you create web magazines that are fully responsive. So that it looks good on every device and browser.
    Just like Divi Builder, Extra is also workable with e-commerce. It works brilliantly with WooCommerce and its various integrations. It gives you access to a unique and custom post type to create portfolio pages easily. Extra covers a variety of tasks that look smaller on the surface and can give your web page a designing edge. This includes elements such as header, fonts, font sizes, colors, layouts, and much more.
    An added benefit to the Extra theme is, it comes with social media integration. Most WordPress page builders hide the social media buttons behind secondary or tertiary tier paywalls. And ElegantThemes breaks that norm. It also has a compelling in-built review system that lets the reader rate the product pages, posts, and much more.
    Extra Theme is built-in ready with WooCommerce. In addition to all the above-mentioned features, here are some other showcasing features offered by Extra theme:
    1. Post Carousel, use Extra to create photo-centric posts. Provide easy image scrolling features for readers to navigate seamlessly.
    2. Post creation. You can create a straight feed made of posts and customize them in different categories such as recent, highly rated, most popular, etc.
    3. Tabbing your posts for efficient navigation. In case you are running a huge publication, Extra theme allows you to segregate unique categories into a fixed batch of tabs.
  • Bloom: Best Email Plugin
    Bloom is the feature that helps you boost your online marketing capabilities to new heights. It is a pretty well-known fact that email marketing campaigns drive the highest return on investments. The Bloom plugin comes in handy. It lets you finetune your website layout by adding clever email opt-ins at the right places.
    Bloom gives you 19 email marketing integrations including popular names like ConvertKit, GetResponse, MailChimp, and Hubsoft. It is a top-of-the-class email marketing tool on its own, with access to over 100 different pre-built templates. And all of these templates are fully customizable. It gives you the 3 orientation options to pick from, they are – bottom, right, and left. The plugin also includes a responsive design, so that it is well-adjusted to the different devices.
    Bloom contains a wide range of templates to choose from, even giving the ability to create an automatic opt-in or email opt-ins to grow your subscribers. This plugin’s core strength is based on the sheer amount of customizations you can do with just opt-in or pop-ups.
    You can add a pop-up wherever you want, e.g.:
    1. You can put a timed delay, where a pop-up appears after a specified duration of time.
    2. Place it at the bottom of the blog or magazine reader.
    3. After a certain percentage of page scolded
    4. You can even put pop-ups after some kind of interactivity, such as. Liking, commenting, etc.

Bloom Email Optin Plugin

  • Monarch: Best Social Media Plugin
    To improve the outreach on a website, social media plays a key role. As the shares help you grow your engagement but they also help in SEO. The Monarch plugin by ElegantThemes lets your visitors share the content in a myriad of ways. Be it floating sidebars, automated pop-ups, or inline buttons. Monarch has got you covered on all fronts. It gives you the option of 8 different locations on your web page to add social media sharing options.
    Monarch plugin by ElegantThemes lets you choose from more than 30 social profiles and networks to display social shares. You can utilize shortcodes to demonstrate social shares anywhere you want even in widget areas. It provides 3 button shapes, 4 inline buttons, and 5 sidebar buttons with hover effects. The plugin also shows social media counts in real-time, i.e., you can display the number of times an article was shared across different social media sites. Monarch is also mobile-friendly, so you will not have to worry about device responsiveness. It also gives a customized panel in the WordPress dashboard which lets you access Monarch settings, social media analytics, and various other data.

Monarch Social Sharing Plugin

Pros and Cons of using ElegantThemes || ElegantThemes Review
ElegantThemes, unlike any other software, has its advantages and disadvantages.
Here are some of the biggest benefits:

  1. The Divi Builder makes it easy to add elements by just dragging and dropping elements.
  2. Designs and layouts provided by ElegantThemes are not only SEO-friendly but also very interactive and response-driven.
  3. You can access over 1000 different website layouts.
  4. Front-end editing and a WYSIWYG interface.
  5. Affordable pricing starts at $89.
  6. Regular updates.
  7. Customizable call to action buttons for social media sharing and interaction.
  8. Managing multiple websites with a single license.
  9. Quick customer support.
  10. Easy to make opt-in forms.

Cons of using ElegantThemes: 

  1. Migrating data from one website to another can be really difficult. It leaves messy codes behind.
  2. It is a little time-consuming to master ElegantThemes.

Price of ElegantThemes
ElegantThemes is available in only two plans:
1. Yearly Plan – $89 per year
2. Lifetime Plan – $224 (one-time payment)
There are no differences in features or anything between the two plans, the former is a yearly plan and the latter is a lifetime one with a one-time payment.

Conclusion – Final Thoughts on ElegantThemes
ElegantThemes is a powerful web design editor. It has one of the best WordPress themes out there. Its Divi builder reinvents the way we look at WYSIWYG editor. It simply lets you drag and drop to add components to the website. Web designing aspirants with no coding experience can make use of this feature to design a better-looking and appealing website. ElegantThemes also goes beyond the usual means to provide support to their users. When the usual ways limit to providing customer support through usual channels, ElegantThemes provides a users-only Facebook group and a personal meetup opportunity. This can be a very handy tool for freelancers and small businesses, where a substantial amount of revenue goes into the maintenance of the website. Design is what makes people stick to your website and ElegantThemes delivers the most desirable design at an amazing price.

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