The Most Popular WordPress Designing Solution – Elementor Pro Review 2021

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What is Elementor WordPress Builder? Elementor is a best-selling WordPress-based page builder solution for web designers. In the past few years, the software has gained massive popularity across WordPress professionals. The web designer solution provides a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface, which helps users directly drag and drop functions for designing. Elementor does not require complicated coding procedures for web designing. What makes Elementor Pro stand out among a vast array of WordPress web designing solutions? The answer is – an easy-to-use solution that enables the user to create completely original and unique-looking posts. The software also offers an unconditionally separated interface for posts and pages. It boosts the efficiency of web designing teams to work on tasks in a more organized fashion. As it does not require any coding skills, even newbie users can start web designing from the get-go. The WYSIWYG interface shows users instantly what changes they are making.

Why should you use Elementor on WordPress? Elementor has a user base of 8 million users it has helped in easing the task of web designing by a huge margin. The top page builder software offers a single platform fororganizations/users to build, host, and design their websites with WordPress without any added charges. It works as a one-stop-shop for all the web requirements. Elementor administers state-of-the-art web creation processes. It helps users create innovative designs with progressive animations, separate responsive designs, custom CSS, and much more. The software helps professionalize workflow. Teams can streamline their projects and build a dependable web designing setting with a library including custom templates and global designs. Elementor eradicates the requirement for many plugins. It enhances WordPress by building professional websites and decreases the loading time for web pages. To achieve such claims, Elementor provides what you can say is the key to their simplicity and innovative system:

  1. Editor with live drag and drop
  2. More than 90 different widgets
  3. Pixel-perfect designs
  4. Open Source

How to Use Elementor in WordPress?  Here is an introductory guide on how to build a page using Elementor:

  1. Open the WordPress dashboard and head over to the pages section.
  2. Add a new page and click on the “Edit with Elementor” option.
  3. It will automatically direct the user to Elementor, where they can see the entire web designing page right in front of them.
  4. In the middle of the screen, users can see “Add new section” and “Add Template.”
  5. On the left hand of the screen, all the widgets will appear categorized for easy navigation.
  6. Select and add text, images, videos, etc., through various widgets.
  7. The WYSIWYG interface will give a live preview of the final design of the website.

Features – The very many widgets of Elementor Pro Elementor boasts about a wide range of widgets that it offers to simplify the web designing operations. Each of its widgets has a single issue function which makes its usage less complicated accompanied by the feature where users can make their personalized list of widgets for quick access. Elementor and Elementor Pro’s widgets are divided into four broad categories:

  1. Basic Widgets: Quintessential widgets which are required to manage the basics of a professional website. Things like a header, adding buttons, text-oriented editor, multimedia plugin, rating systems, etc. Don’t be misled by the nomenclature here, there is a lot to work with the basic widgets here like the addition of google maps to the website, the SoundCloud audio plugin, and much more.
  2. Pro Widgets: This set of widgets helps users enhance with powerful additions like slides, forms, animated headlining, logins, price tables, etc. Take your website to new heights with Elementor Pro and make it much more interactive to gain and sustain more traction. These widgets are provided for paid version of Elementor Pro.
  3. Theme Elements: This widget provides users with exclusive quality themes for creating and tailoring their website’s 404 page, footers, headers, global archives, and other subpages.
  4. WooCommerce Widgets: In case users are looking to add a shop to their website, Elementor provides a WooCommerce widget that enables users to create an eCommerce platform in a short period.

The Drag & Drop Editor Web designers can build an intuitive website with Elementor’s drag and drop feature. Users can completely get rid of the back-end coding style editing and replace it with front-end editing. It lets users see in real-time what is actually happening when they make a change. This live editing function not only eases but enhances the web designing process. Users can see how their edits will look in real-time. The drag and drop feature gives access to a responsive designing interface that designers can utilize to create websites for all kinds of devices. This feature also enables the web designer to add proper spaces, margins, and texts, i.e., complicated tasks with much-required easiness.

Open Source: Something for Developers Elementor Pro for WordPress offers a fully open-source program for developers to utilize to its maximum potential. Designers can create advanced web pages with customized CSS and broadened programming abilities with Elementor Pro’s developer API. The open-source platform of Elementor offers a lot of material for coders to work with. For example, It offers complete tutorials on how to get started with open-source programming and create customized widgets. Plus, Elementor provides access to code references for Elementor and a developer blog that gives current insights, information, news, and announcements for WordPress developers.

Expert Access: Elementor Experts Elementor allows freelance web designers to showcase their work and get more projects and collaborate with other users across the world. Web Designers can create a complete profile of their work and use it to share to market themselves on the Elementor platform.

Elementor: The Best Free Page Builder A lot of the features mentioned here are covered under the Basic version of Elementor and they are for free. One of the biggest benefits of using Elementor is it allows users to work and manage their work and the Elementor Pro version is just a treat added on to it. This enables new users to try their hand out on Elementor and get a DIY experience with web designing. To put it in perspective, Elementor’s free version offers over 300 different templates for designers to work with!

Benefits of using  Elementor Pro Here are some benefits of using Elementor Pro:

  1. Elementor offers a huge range of pre-built templates for users to select and customize as it sees fit.
  2. The web designing application also gives a free version for web designers to start working on their websites.
  3. The “what you see is what you get” interface gives you a live preview of the website as you make edits in actual time.

Elementor Pro’s Limitation Elementor has a hard time figuring out misaligned objects on the page. It is difficult to identify and pinpoint the culprit margin value.

Price of Elementor Pro Here are the price plans for Elementor Pro Price:

  1. Elementor Pro Essential – $49 per year for 1 website
  2. Elementor Pro Advanced – $99 per year for 3 websites
  3. Elementor Pro Expert – $199 per year for 25 websites
  4. Elementor Pro Studio – $499 per year for 100 websites
  5. Elementor Pro Agency – $999 per year for 1000 websites

CONCLUSION – Summarizing the Elementor Pro Experience Elementor provides an easy-to-use web designing experience. It facilitates users to get started with their work without paying a dime using the free version. It allows users to work seamlessly through a combination of widgets that are easy to click and use. The Elementor Pro interface gives its user a myriad of in-built templates to select from. The software encourages and boosts creativity by making the templates fully customizable. Another key reason to use Elementor is its live preview function. The moment users make changes or add a new element to their website, they can see how it will look with the live preview feature. Another reason to use Elementor is its non-coding web design workflow. The WYSIWYG interface allows users to simply drag and drop the widget to add different attributes to the website. The software consistently updates users with new pre-built templates. To conclude this review, Elementor as its name suggests is a software that users can get on with all the elementary functions for the building and designing of a website while simultaneously not limited to it.


  • Does Elementor Pro work with all kinds of themes? Elementor Pro works with themes which follow the coding specifications of WordPress setup by its Codex.
  • Is Elementor Pro capable of working with different WordPress plugins? Elementor Pro works with almost every plugin available. It provides support in case users encounter any incompatibility.
  • Can I create popup templates in Elementor Pro? Elementor Pro offers around 100 pre-designed popup templates for users to choose from.
  • Does Elementor Pro offer SEO tools? Elementor Pro provides SEO tools among other marketing tools for users to boost their traffic efficiently.
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