What is a Social Proof Marketing tool and Why You Need One: UseProof Review 2021

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Useproof review 2021

A Social Proof Marketing tool can be the deadliest weapon in your digital marketing arsenal and a must-have for small and mid-sized eCommerce websites. Digital marketing is far more dynamic and competitive in 2021 than it was a decade ago. To penetrate this sort of a market, you need to invest in building your online reputation and credibility.

The present-day buyer needs proof of your competence and providing that is only possible by using a social proof marketing tool to earn their trust and convert leads into customers. In this UseProof review 2021, we will tell you how you can boost your sales with this social proof software and increase conversions at every stage of the sales funnel.

You probably know of the brick-and-mortar grocery store that you frequented a decade ago. Despite having other options, you chose that particular vendor either due to convenience or trust and, at times, both. The online marketplace works similarly, and therefore social proof software plays a critical role in earning the trust of your potential customers.


What is Social Proof Software? 




In the world of eCommerce, there is very little interaction between the buyer and the seller. That makes it difficult for the buyer to make a quick buying decision unless others are recommending it. For instance, while browsing some websites, you may have noticed a count of people who just subscribed to that website’s product or service. If integrated with social media tools, you may even get to see the most recent subscriber’s name and location.

This display of numbers and statistics to convince the prospective buyer is known as social proof. Using Social proof to boost sales is an incredibly powerful marketing tactic and can skyrocket your conversions. It works like a charm for small online businesses that are trying to establish their presence by competing against the large online retailers. It gives the buyer a reason to purchase from you and thereby increases conversions. Let us now explore Useproof, a highly recommended social proof marketing tool.


Start by Connecting Pixel to Your CMS 




To get started with Useproof, you must log in to the dashboard and run the initial set up, which only takes a couple of minutes. You need to copy the pixel from your Useproof dashboard and paste it into your CMS. If you are creating landing pages or squeeze pages, then instead of CMS, you must enter it in that software.

Once this is complete, the pixel from your site starts sending data to Useproof about how many people visited or took a specific action on your website. In case you experience difficulties in establishing a connection, you can get in touch with Useproof’s support team.




Set Campaigns

Once you are done with the initial set up and connect your website or landing page with your Useproof account, it’s time to start setting up campaigns. You must begin by naming your campaign, and then you would be redirected to a page where you would have to set your goals. Useproof lets you create unlimited campaigns. Each campaign can have a distinct purpose, which you can measure from time to time.


Start setting Goals

Once you have named your campaign, it’s time to start setting your campaign’s goal. It refers to the customization process, which allows you to tell Useproof more about your individual needs. If you sell e-learning webinars, then your campaign’s goal would be to sign the visitor up for a webinar. In the next step, you need to determine the goal category, which could be lead generation, purchases, scheduling an action, signing up for a subscription or a free trial, registration, or only to view the content.




You need to be very clear about your campaign’s goals because Useproof would show up relevant notifications to compel users to start taking that sort of action. You then need to name your goal, which is basically the expected outcome. You can set a conversion value next to that, which helps you gauge how profitable your Useproof campaign was.

So, if you are signing up visitors for a webinar of $100, then you can set the conversion value at $100. You then need to provide the link to the ‘Thank you’ Page of your website and provide a description for it.




Launch your Campaign

Now comes the time to start configuring your campaign’s settings, just before the launch. It is where you decide what you wish to show up to your visitors. To begin with, you could set a ‘Traffic holdback,’ which refers to the amount of traffic to whom you don’t want to show up notifications. You can use this to get the most out of your ad campaigns as you can test the response before and after using this social proof software.

Also, as the pricing of this social proof marketing tool relies on your website’s traffic, the holdback allows you to manage your overall costs. Remember, you can use it for multiple campaigns, and this holdback enables you to get the most out of it. Now you are all set to choose what kind of social proof your visitors must-see, and depending on your subscription plan, you can choose from recent activity, live visitor count, hot streaks, and conversion cards. Let us now figure out what each of these does.


Recent Activity 




You can show up the recent actions taken by your visitors through this particular feature and customize it with your product’s name and brand. Until some time back, you could also show up pictures of users or avatars, but that has changed with time. This social proof software no longer allows users to do that due to recent changes in laws and regulations across the globe.

However, you can still add images of maps, a custom image such as your brand’s logo, or a default image. You can use the map to show the location of the user, which we must admit isn’t always accurate. You can further customize this social proof marketing tool to show up a certain number of recent conversions, the period during which these conversions took place, and other rules.




These options let you display the most relevant, current, and up to date data. Depending on the type of product or service that you sell, you can even choose to retain your customers’ anonymity. After all, nobody wants a personal hygiene product website to display their name. So, if you are into selling such products, you can still make use of this social proof software.


Live Visitor Count

Are you managing a small website or eCommerce store with occasional traffic and wondering whether to use this feature? In our opinion, you should use it because this makes you appear more trustworthy. When a user sees the Live visitor count and knows that other visitors are doing the same, it puts their mind at ease.



Most users are concerned about shopping online, and if you aren’t selling on Amazon, eBay, or similar marketplaces, then this feature should help you earn some quick online reputation. If you are worried about the Live Visitor Count showing up as ‘0’, then there are ways to avoid that. You can choose to show up the count only when there are a certain number of users on your website. If you set that to two, then unless there are two visitors on your website, the Live Visitor Count won’t show up.

Another cool feature is that you can name your visitors, and for example, if you run a tech website, you could call them ‘Ninjas.’ The Live Visitor count would read something like ‘5 Ninjas are viewing this page” It works exceptionally well for anyone trying to build a brand as they can use this tool to use a term that resonates with their brand and helps them in creating a community.


Hot Streaks

Hot Streaks lets you show up time-based data such as the number of total visitors or sign-ups, which is a definite improvement over the other two features. It enables you to brag a little as you can show more significant numbers.


Conversion Cards

Businesses that wish to create wholly customized CTAs and messages can use this feature. However, this feature is only available with the Business Plan.


Useproof Pricing

In this Useproof review, we must admit that the two sets of pricing plans offered by this social proof software are clumsy. However, we’ll help you make the right choice depending on your business and budget. Useproof classifies its pricing plans into two sets — Experiences and Pulse. Let us now explore each of the two sets of pricing plans.






Want to send your visitor’s pulse into a frenzy? Try using one of the pulse plans depending on how much traffic your website gets. This classification made based on volume ensures that your site can afford this social media marketing tool and benefit from it.



  • Annual plan priced at $66 per month
  • Monthly plan priced at $79 per month
  • Ideal for websites having under 10,000 visitors



  • Annual plan priced at $108 per month
  • Monthly plan priced at $129 per month
  • Ideal for websites having 10,000 to 50,000 visitors



  • Annual plan priced at $166 per month
  • Monthly plan priced at $199 per month
  • Ideal for websites having 50,000 to 100,000 visitors





  • Annual plan priced at $249 per month
  • Monthly plan priced at $299 per month
  • Ideal for websites having 100,000 to 300,000 visitors



  • Custom Pricing – Contact Useproof’s Sales Team
  • Ideal for websites with over 300,000 visitors






Experiences is a set of three premium packages — Essentials, Growth, and Scale. Each of these packages is priced differently based on traffic volumes. Experiences packages are for affiliate marketers, influencers, and small businesses that wish to personalize user experience. With these packages, you can customize what different sets of users see, which lets you reduce the number of users that abandon carts or do not take a particular action.



  • Priced between $399 and $1299
  • Price-on-demand for websites with over 500,000 visitors
  • Allows up to 2 Users
  • Conversion Goals – 5 Max



  • Priced between $599 and $1599
  • Price-on-demand for websites with over 500,000 visitors
  • Allows up to 10 users
  • Conversion Goals – 15 Max



  • Price-on-demand
  • Unlimited users
  • Conversion Goals – Unlimited


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As we conclude this Useproof review, we would strongly recommend small businesses to invest in pulse. For those who run established businesses and eCommerce stores, using Experiences to personalize CTAs can add a whole new dimension to your website. Your online business can thrive only when you earn the trust of your prospective customers, and this social proof software helps you achieve that.





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